I am Miguel and I am arguably the best 600 SuperSport racer ever and I have won more AMA races than anyone that has ever lived on this planet and yet no one can say my name! Grr! I am angry!

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June 19, 2002

a thing i do not understand.
So, this has become a major pet peeve of mine. I can't even watch racing on the telly anymore without having involuntary conniptions over this. It makes me scream and rant and throw things at Peter's TV. I am a woman obsessed.

Why, in the name of god, can the commentators on Speed Channel not figure out the correct pronunciation of Miguel Duhamel's name?

There are two commentators. Count 'em, two. One, two. One pronounces it -- just like I've always heard before -- sort of like "duh-HAHM-el". The other one says "doo-ah-MEL". This is driving me batshit.

First off, there are only two commentators. Don't you think they would realize they were both saying it differently, and at least agree on one consistent way to pronounce it? Secondly, it's not like the man himself isn't RIGHT THERE. They're TALKING TO HIM in the pits. How hard would it be to -- off-camera, even -- say, "hey, Miguel, this is sort of embarrassing, but how should we be pronouncing your name on NATIONAL TELEVISION?"??? I ask you.