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June 8, 2001

I'm having this weird paradox lately of having a bunch of stuff that I want to write about here, but I never really feel like actually writing any of it. I want to just plug a USB cable into my ear and let the thoughts just download onto my web page in about 25 seconds. That'd be nice. Instead, I'll just give a general summary of everything that's been going on, and maybe eventually I'll expand some of it.

I finally uploaded the pictures from our Calistoga trip. Since I'm currently in the middle of writing (and re-writing, and re-writing) the article that I'm writing for Women on Wheels about the ride, I'm frankly pretty sick of talking about it. ;) So here are the pictures and a bit of commentary. I'll link to the article once I'm done with it.

calistoga_map calistoga_map calistoga_map

Maps. They decrease in granularity from left to right; unless you're really bored or deeply care, you'll probably want to skip the lefthand one (it's really detailed and about 2MB). The middle one's the most interesting, I think. The purple line is the way there, and the pinkish line is the return trip. The place marked "mtg point" is the meeting point in San Rafael where Kim, Cat, and I met up with Jody and Tai.

south bay bikes

The South Bay bikes at Hobee's (diner-type place) while Kim, Cat, and I caffienated up before starting out. From L-R: Cat's '00 Honda CBR600F4, my '01 Suzuki SV650S, Kim's '90 Honda CB-1 400. Notice the stellar weather at 7:30am in Sunnyvale. It was cloudy like this until we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

posing_in_marin posing_in_marin2

From L-R: Kim, me, Jody, and Tai striking a girl-pose at the Marin County Civic Center (the aforementioned meeting place). You can't really tell in the pictures, but this driveway was really freaking slanted. There were some aerobics involved when climbing off the bikes.

silverado trail rock tai_jody_vineyards

Pictures from the road. I wanted to take more, but felt like I shouldn't stop the whole group. I've decided that I need a little gnome to sit on my shoulder and take pictures while I'm riding. As that's not likely to happen, maybe I'll just get a camcorder once I have money falling out of my ears (also not likely to happen, unfortunately).

The picture on the left is of a neat rock formation along the Silverado Trail (taken when we stopped for gas and water). The other one is of Tai and Jody along the vineyards, after we got out of the twisties. The group had separated a little, so they pulled over to wait for the rest of us slowpokes. :)

mineral bath mud bath blanket wrap faux tai tai_jody_sign Pictures from Calistoga. The first three are at the spa: the mineral bath that Tai and I took, the scary-ass looking mud baths (does this remind anyone else of a medieval torture device?), and me all wrapped up for my "blanket treatment." Between Tai and I making smartass jokes through the entire thing, and taking pictures, and the like, I'm not sure the spa really knew what to do with us. We were all told to settle down and hush a lot. ;)

The last two pictures are after our spa treatments; the first is of the "fake Tai" on her Triumph RS; she tossed her Aerostich suit onto the seat, and we realized it really looked like a very flat person was sleeping on her bike. :) The last pic is of Tai and Jody with a school sign in downtown Calistoga; the best part is that underneath the sign are illegible-in-the-photo stickers that read "water is contaminated!" Oops.