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April 25, 2002

lots of little randoms today.
I feel like writing something, but am pretty exhausted and don't really have the mental "togetherness" to put together any sort of coherent entry. So, instead, here's sort of what's been floating through my stream of consciousness today:
  • I'll be 25 on Tuesday. I don't like to make a big deal out of my birthday. I've been thinking about it more than usual this year, however, for the sole reason that I can't believe it's the end of April already. I don't really have anything on my birthday list this year. I ordered a new helmet to try on, an Arai Signet XS in silver, which should arrive in the store on my birthday, so the off chance that it'll fit is enough present for me, I think. Best not to push one's luck. [Peter, if you're reading this, obviously this is all lies and the usual diamonds, condos in the south seas, and brand new motorcycles apply]

  • Rear brake pads. I think I need to replace mine soon. They're getting near the wear limit.

  • Handling. The handling felt weird on the way out of the parking lot from orchestra tonight. It was fine on the way over to rehearsal. I spent the whole ride home reaching behind me to make sure the viola case hadn't somehow come loose from the cargo net. It hadn't.

    Isn't it fascinating inside my head?

  • Cat. I just love this picture of Cat. It's © Gary Rather Photography and is of her racing her Kawa in the AMF 250 Superbike. Doesn't she kick all kinds of ass?

  • Weekend. If I don't go through Bug Council at work tomorrow, I'll be at work on Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, I think I'm going to wash the bike. Every time I look in my left mirror, I think, "wow, that mirror's dirty." It's probably about time to clean and lube the chain, too. Oh, and Peter brought The Red Toolchest over, so I need to move my tools into it. Every day's an adventure.

  • Women on Wheels. I'm only two months overdue on my half-thought-out Wind Dancers newsletter article, no rush, why not procrastinate it some more? I've got to get a formal blurb out about the Pacific Rally T-shirt Contest rules, too. Not to mention Pac Rally committee meetings. I've also been putting together a Cafe Press store for the chapter, which is coming along really well, thanks to the amazing efforts of one of our members in particular (Barbara, if you ever read this -- you rock. No, really). Hopefully her great designs will inspire more members to submit some ideas. I just love enthusiastic people.

  • DangerRiders. Every day this week, we threaten to go for a lunch ride, and then never do (might rain; too busy; too lazy; overslept...). Maybe we'll threaten again tomorrow. Even co-worker Kip, who never ever ever rides his KTM Duke in (not that I blame him; he commutes down from San Francisco) claims he'll ride in tomorrow. The weather's supposed to be beautiful, too. Naturally, this means that I'll have Bug Council in the morning, and then a doctor's appt in the afternoon, so no ride for me tomorrow. Oh well. I can pretend that the ride down El Camino to the doctor's is a "real ride". I can't.

  • Doctor. While I'm there, I'm going to get a referral to a sports medicine doctor. My wrists are really bad again; the worst they've been since last year, and I'm pretty fed up with it. I've heard good things about the sports medicine doctors at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation -- they apparently helped co-worker Ceej's ex with his riding-exaggerated wrist woes, so let's see if they can help me with mine. I had to sit out of most of orchestra tonight, which really pissed me off. Luckily, riding home didn't seem to make them worse -- I think I finally have the arm posture on that bike figured out. Only took 8000 miles.

  • Bedtime. That's the main thought in my head right now, so I think I'm going to get off the computer and take heed. Perhaps there will be an entry of actual substance later in the weekend. ;)