recent motorcycle adventures - april 2001 archives

April 1, 2001: The SVS's 600-mile first service

April 3, 2001: Pictures from the service

April 10, 2001: Black yuck on my brake disc, and an actual update on the Nighthawk steering stem!

April 11, 2001: Me and Brad, earplugs, and some random miscellany.

April 14, 2001: More about ratchets than you ever cared about.

April 15, 2001: The steering stem is fixed, long live the steering stem!

April 16, 2001: Observations on Central Expressway, and an interesting article on child safety from the AMA.

April 18, 2001: Mainly a short little blurb about rain.

April 20, 2001: Weather, Chai's new bike, and the upcoming twistie ride.

April 23, 2001: UI redesign, and the final chapter in the Nighthawk's most recent maintenance adventures.

April 24, 2001: My weekend ride with Chai.

April 26, 2001: Losers, pre-mechanics, playing hooky, and Woman Rider.

April 30, 2001: Friday's ride through the foothills.

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