bluepoof bikes - march 2003 archives

March 3, 2003: The SVS has a new chain and new sprockets, and some bits about the AMA Grand Tour of historical landmarks.

March 5, 2003: Blather about Arizona, the upcoming ST.N ride, and a big hello to Kathleen Elizabeth!

March 6, 2003: Iron Butt, Buns of Steel... what's the difference?

March 10, 2003: Yesterday's ride to Lake Berryessa.

March 14, 2003: Fame (if not fortune) on the WOW cover, and my recent fights with the Bandit.

March 17, 2003: The Bandit attacks.

March 24, 2003: Chatterboxes, and our ride to the coast on Saturday.

March 25, 2003: Restless.

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