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Southern Santa Cruz Mountains on the XTs

Peter and I took both XTs out for a fun loop around the southern Santa Cruz mountains yesterday. It was essentially the same route that Jenny and I did in February: about 80 miles of street, gravel, packed dirt, and … Continue reading

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More southern Santa Cruz Mountains

I’m leading a Wind Dancers ride on April 16. I hate leading rides. In my mind, rides that I lead will end up with me guiding a gaggle of lost riders around in circles while I screw up directions and … Continue reading

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Southern Santa Cruz Mountains

I did a fun solo ride today: about 100 miles of backroads through the southern Santa Cruz Mountains. It took about five hours, which indicates the average speed of the roads. 🙂 I intentionally sought out goat trail roads, meaning … Continue reading

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E2E Ride: Felton and Santa Cruz Mountains

My buddies over at The Pace Podcast are doing a photo rally/scavenger hunt thing this year and, since I’m unnaturally addicted to those, of course I joined right up.  It’s called the Equinox to Equinox Rally since it runs from … Continue reading

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Northern Santa Cruz Mountains

Astute readers have been hearing me talk about the southern Santa Cruz Mountains for years.  A search of this very site proves that I may have a thing for those roads and goat trails and ghost towns.   However, did you know … Continue reading

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