Altitude Sickness Rally, Tom’s Place, CA

I took 350 pictures at the Chain Gang rally in the Eastern Sierras this weekend!   

I haven't gone through them all yet — much less written a ride report — so to tide you over, here are a few teasers.

Andy (Señor Peligro), Ranier (commo_soulja), Mike (Tex_Tibertus) in Yosemite on Friday:


Tom's Place must have known we were coming:


Nancy (Red) going north on Hwy 182 on Saturday:


Yet more Nancy (Red), this time leaving Bodie:


The BBQ on Saturday night:


Nancy and I found Rock Creek, which the campground was named for.  I loved lying in the tent at night and listening to the creek. 🙂


The Eastern Sierras do not suck.


Me on my solo ride on Sunday:


Mike (Tex_Tibertus) and his wife Andrea at "The Tub" hot springs on Sunday evening:


Mike (Tex_Tibertus), Ranier (commo_soulja), and Andy (Señor Peligro) along Sonora Pass on our way home:

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3 Responses to Altitude Sickness Rally, Tom’s Place, CA

  1. Linda says:

    Mmm, purdy!
    Will you do a write-up/more details of Bodie? I’ll make it out there some day. Looks like flat/decent gravel, mostly?
    I miss my bike!

  2. hieyeglasses says:

    What a cool place to bike in!

  3. Chris says:

    Looks like a great ride!
    But where’s your F650GS??

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