Birthday fun

Well, Sunday was my birthday, bringing me to year 29 of roaming the earth looking for good roads and good beer.

I got two very nice birthday presents; the first one was a visit from Cat! I see Cat far too infrequently since she moved back to Toronto, so it’s always really nice to see her when she’s in town for some work conference. 😉

She borrowed Dora for the afternoon, and along with her friend Ben, we did a quick ride up to Alice’s to meet Kim for lunch.

It was really great to see her, and I was even lucky enough to get an Evil Robot photo with her spectacular leathers. Cat and I are both just one big walking Helimot ad. 😉


My second kickass birthday present came after a very nice dinner (thanks, Peter!) — Salamander bar end weights for the Z! *happypurr*

Because I am Very Very Dorky, I didn’t even want to take off my heels to install the new bar ends. Since the old ones required the air compressor to remove (much simpler than the pipe wrench method I used on the SVS), I got to play dressed-up fashion model with tools.

I’m very proud to say that not one drop of grease wound up on that shirt. 😉

445_4574jpg 445_4577jpg

The bar end weights work great, by the way. I commuted in to work on the bike yesterday, and could actually type at work after having ridden on the freeway! No numb hands. 🙂 This is A Stellar Improvement and gives me much hope for the future. *happy*

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7 Responses to Birthday fun

  1. deanzaZR says:

    Great entry Poof and Happy Birthday!
    Glad the bar ends are helping out. The Helimot leathers look awesome (nice design). They seem to be the cat’s meow.

  2. Betty says:

    Happy Birthday. I enjoyed reading all about it and love the Evil Robot photo (lol). I see you have Women on Wheels in your categories. Are you a member? I’m a member and I’m in the Colorado Springs, CO chapter of Mountain Shadow Riders and loving every minutes. What a great group of ladies!!
    Safe Travels in Your Part of the World,
    Betty 🙂

  3. 59ideas says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Just surfing around motorcycle blogs for ideas.
    Like you travel stuffs.

  4. tony says:

    I hope you got my birthday email, although I think I sent it several days early for some reason. I blame my wife. Happy Birthday!

  5. Linda says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

  6. andrea says:

    happy birthday, poof of blue! love the Evil Robot pic. =D

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