A matter of perspective.

The SVS rolled over 33,000 miles today. It’s strange to think that in 2 months, it’ll have more miles than the 1986 VF700’s 38,000. I remember when 38k seemed like a lot of miles. In fact, I remember thinking that was normal mileage for a 15-year-old motorcycle (as opposed to a 3-year-old one). 😉

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  1. wookiee says:

    I’m only averaging 2-3k/yr on my bike, sadly.

  2. Karl says:

    I’ve had the VFR for a smidge over a month, and have put 2,000 miles on it. And it was taken apart in my garage for most of that month… I wish I could do the mileage that you do, though, Carolyn!

  3. carolyn says:

    I honestly don’t ride all that much more than most of my friends around here — I just tend to binge and purge with mileage. I average around 1,000 miles/month; then I do 1000-mile weekends or, coming up, 5000-mile months, that totally skew the average.
    Though, I’m irrationally excited because I moved up from 26 to 27 miles/day in that mileage database. 😉 I really need a life.

  4. Linda says:

    I got hopelessly lost in Stanford University this morning, but when I got home I noticed that I have 104 miles to go before Arnie hits 54,000 miles.
    What I’m especially pleased with is that in 300 miles I’ll have done my first 3000 miles of riding. 🙂 And I haven’t *been* anywhere. 😉
    Mileage is fun!

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